Friday, September 21, 2012

5x7 flats.

Hope you are using Creative Memories Custom 5x7 Flat Cards for all your announcements, invitations and thank you notes.  The quality is GREAT and the envelopes are heavy & beautiful. 

I recommend  visiting the trendy, cool custom cards sites - like Tiny Prints and Wedding Paper Divas - and finding a design you love.  There are plenty of places to be inspired by good design. You don't have to come up with that on your own. When you find something that appeals to you, go to StoryBook Creator and make it even better - make it your own!

Thought I would share a couple things I did this month...

 Front of Hannah's Baby Thank You Notes. Insert photo boxes around the edges. Drop and drag the photos into place. Add text. Voila.
 The back side allows room for the thank you note!
 Kiley's wedding thank you notes.  I used the same basic idea because it is what I love right now.
On the back side I bled their names edge to edge and lightened the opacity so they could write right over their names.  I think it will make writing their hundreds of thank you notes more fun - ha.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

you need this.

 Yesterday I participated in a FALL OPEN HOUSE at the home of a friend with four other businesses.  I am always looking for ways to attract non-Scrapbookers because they need what I have.  I decided to use the "5 Things Every Home Needs" party idea to decorate my table.  It worked because my goal was for people to see how I could make their lives better, richer and more organized with five products.  And none of them related to scrapbooking - which can be a serious repelling agent to most people. (I do not personally understand it, but it is a reality.)

Everyone will have their own five favorites that they cannot live without. These just happen to be mine.

 1. EveryDay Display Frame
This one is hard to read. It says: De-Clutter your kitchen & refrigerator with this chic magnetic frame.  Notice how simple I kept it? I also make people remove and attach a magnet so they know what a high-quality item this is.  Our magnets have super powers!

 2. Tape Runner Adhesive
How do people live without Tape Runners? What do their school projects look like??

 3. PowerSort Box
Such a simple box - but it is like magic. "Store all your photos in one place" is powerful.  Holds 1200 photos and next time someone asks for a photo - chances are you will find it. That makes it worth the cost and more.

 4. Tag Maker
I always say - "Invest in this $27 tool and save yourself hundreds of $ dollars!"  No more expensive gift cards necessary. It will pay for itself during one Christmas of gift tagging!

5. Memory Manager Software
And talking about Memory Manager is my FAVORITE.  It is a must-have for organizing your digital images and makes editing fun & easy! I always say that it should be a $400 program and I continue to be amazed it is only $49.  I also say it is worth it for the back-up features alone.

20 good reasons to party.

I am a big fan of FUN. 

I think every day should include some kind of party.

 I believe that Creative Memories offers products and services that will enrich peoples' lives.

 Put that all together - and I give you my personal list of 20 ideas for gathering people around their memories & photos. (This is the short list of 20 - there are hundreds!)

1. The 5 Things Every House Needs Party

2. Create-a-Card Party

3. How to Empty Your Memory Card Party

4. Boot Camp (Power Album Completion)

5. Digital Diva Course

6. How to Make a FaceBook Timeline

7. How to Take Better Photos!

8. Custom Recipe Book Class / Digital

9. Custom Recipe Book Class / Traditional with Nancy O'Dell

10. Don't Let Your Baby be a jPeg Class

11. Cricut Border Class

12. K.I.S.S. Class (Keep It Simple Stupid Class - Bare Bones Album Making)

13. Wine Party - Where you can WHINE about the mess your photos are in - and I can help!

14. Here's to FABULOUS YOU Class (featuring Nancy O'Dell Book)

15. Get a Jump on Your CHRISTMAS CARDS Party

16. How to SAVE Your Vacation Party (Show how to load photos into a SIMPLE StoryBook)

17. Kick the Clutter Class (Bring piles & boxes full - go home POWERSORTED)

18. Tag Maker Mania Class

19. Senior Moms Once-A-Month Prepare for Graduation Course

20. Dinner Party with your BEST FRIENDS - and make sure they know what you do and sell!

Did you know that flowers from your garden (or the neighbor's - hee hee) can add a party feel? So does a bottle of chilled wine.  When my guests come in the door I want them to feel "wow... someone did this for me?"  It takes about 10 minutes to set a pretty table if you are serving dinner or dessert at your party. And if the table looks pretty, the menu can be very simple and no one will notice.