Tuesday, March 5, 2013

year-in-review album.

You know the story... my hard drive crashed... I woke up to the pitfalls of cyberspace... my 2013 goal is getting my precious photos off my computer and into our lives...  

It was 2008 when I stopped printing my pictures, so it is 2008 where I am starting.  The ONLY way I can manage this large task is using the "YEAR-IN-REVIEW ALBUM" concept.  8 pages per month gives me a 100 page album (give or take).  The other part that makes this manageable for me is PREDESIGNED PAGES.  Specifically Wedding Gallery 12x12 and Photo-A-Day 12x12.

(This layout is from Photo-A-Day 12x12. I used it to celebrate the completion of Abby's traditional 
BABY BOOK, which she received for her college graduation!)

I am half way through 2008 and love the result.  Mostly because I am getting it done.  Please check out the book in progress with the link below:
Karen's YEAR IN REVIEW Album

The layouts in Wedding Gallery and Photo A Day are so valuable in my opinion that I am going to recommend that if you do not already have them, you head straight to my web site to do some shopping.  (Ordering hints can be found in an earlier post.)
Wedding Gallery 12x12 Predesigned Pages
Photo a Day 12x12 Predesigned Pages

The cover and first page options are one of the best features of the Photo A Day package. The collage effect is fabulous!

I am giddy happy about having a plan for the photos presently stored inside a metal box called my computer.   I have my work cut out for me, but I am up for the task - thanks to a "Year-In-Review" plan and some great predesigned page layouts.