Monday, March 3, 2014

the story.

Last week was a biggie in the world of memory keeping.  There was real earth-shaking movement, and now that the dust has settled your options for digital tools & services just got bigger & better!

Last week, Rhonda Anderson resigned from Creative Memories, the company she founded 27 years ago, to continue her mission with Heritage Makers. And I went with her.  In Rhonda's own words "To preserve my personal integrity I had to leave. I lost my peace. I had a pit in my stomach that said it's time - I had to go."  Please read the whole story in this article:  Co-Founder Rhonda Anderson Resigns.

Rhonda's heart, passion and integrity were a big part of my decision to make Creative Memories part of my life for the past 21 years.  I am excited about my new adventure with Heritage Makers. If you would like to explore my web site for the myriad of digital products & services they provide, please click here.  Soon, with Rhonda's help, you will be able to get quality traditional albums supplies as well. 

The good news for you - You have more options than ever for getting your photos off your devices & into your life!

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  1. Here's another bit of news from Rhonda's departure. So sad.